Clutch Cargo Lives!

Question: What do a Chicago Magician and  an outdated cartoon character have in common? Answer: We are both outdated… No wait…We will be featured on the same TV Show! I had forgotten him completely. Clutch Cargo I mean! I had not watched him since I was a kid and I had forgotten just how fun and cheesy the Clutch Cargo cartoons were. We are talking beyond low budget here! In fact I’m not sure they had a budget. The funny thing is even given the cheap production values these shows are still entertaining. Maybe not in the way the original producers had in mind yet entertaining none the less. We are going to feature about thirty-five Clutch Cargo episodes in my upcoming TV series “Children’s Party Magician”, so Pierce Kalteau (the show’s Director) and I sat and watched some of these as we brainstormed for how to make them entertaining to today’s children. It was like a trip back in time. I doubt that we will have any problem finding ways to make these cartoons fun. In fact we may create a whole new audience for Clutch and the gang.

I did a little research and found that the technique used to make the characters talk on Clutch Cargo is called: Synchro-Vox . Conan O’Brien used this technique to do something similar in his show several years ago and this has also been parodied and used in TV and Film over the years.  Finally, we will be using Synchro-Vox as part of our show for the faux celebrity interviews also. So it’s true, everything old is new! And I cannot wait for the return of Clutch Cargo, Paddlefoot and Spinner.

To be continued…